Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Redemption...sort of / lament for a lava lamp

People will be people. And aleks will be aleks, coming back to blog once again. Maria's been bugging me to post up something new and profound, but I'm really just out of juice atm and I'm only here to escape college apps. So just enjoy this video, as it will probably save you from hearing me rant on and on about why God is really a prepubescent, insecure girlie girl who just wants everyone to pay attention to him.

midnight edit:
So tired out of my mind, I finally found something to talk about. Albeit it being completely mundane and insignificant, I felt the need to speak. I'll be sweet and short. Two qualities I don't have in person. Hmmm...

So here's my little X-mas miracle for you: for both of my secret santa's this year, I got the person who got me. Oh the fun doesn't stop there. For the second time, I got a lava lamp that I didn't ask for for X-mas.

Not that I didn't appreciate the lava lamp. I actually asked for "something novel and completely useless." But goddamn, with the recession and all (yes, I am still spending my money frivolously. on food, mostly) I'd feel terribly guilty plugging that sexy lamp in. So it sits there in the corner of my room, taunting me. It practically begs me to plug it in, to waste Joules upon Joules of energy on its aesthetic but functionally useless glory.